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Sickness absence can be fatal for a small business.

Are you….

Overwhelmed with stress issues?

Worried about costly litigation?

Still hoping the GP will advise you?

Would you like regular support to manage health issues at work?

We can lead you through the maze of implications and legal requirements of managing employee health issues at work. Managing ill health adds a significant cost to most businesses in the UK. Employees take an average of 5.8 days sick a year and it’s not just the direct costs which mount up. The indirect costs of illness are significant too and the strain on other staff having to perform extra work, can mean that absence rates and levels of workplace stress can rise dramatically.

Occupational Health is the branch of medicine concerned with the diseases of occupations and fitness for work. As well as being nurses, we are trained and professionally competent in law to provide fitness for work advice which you can use to manage your employees.

The Occupational Health Business is launching monthly retainer options so that you can: –

  • Spend more time running your business.
  • Reduce your sickness absence costs.
  • Refer employees to Occupational Health.
  • Obtain a medical report from occupational health with clear actionable advice.
  • Improve the health & wellbeing of your staff.
  • Effectively case manage absent employees.
  • Learn how to manage common medical conditions in the workplace.
  • Manage phased returns to work.
  • Learn what adjustments are reasonable.
  • Train your managers to use the stress risk assessment.
  • Ensure recruitment of employees with health conditions is managed fairly.
  • Update your policies and procedures. Download our free eBook.  www.theohbusiness.co.uk
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